Unloading and Preparing the Treasures...

As I mentioned in a previous posting, we were supposed to go to another fair in Montpellier before our return to The U.S. Johan was to drop us off in Paris and drive back to Belgium on his own, but since we decided to skip Montpellier, Martin and I drove back with him. We didn't want Johan to drive back by himself and of course, we wanted to see all the beauties we bought in all their splendor. Sometimes after the buying, you forget you bought a certain item and then when you unload you smile and say, "Oh yeah! I forgot we got that cutie!" You now what I mean!

Well, we arrived late in Belgium so we just went to sleep, but the next morning we were all too eager to drive to our warehouse and begin the unloading. It's that nice feeling of unwrapping presents, spreading them all out and smiling satisfied of all the treasures you encountered. We begin to connect items with the names of our customers. "Sandy will love this one!" Johan may say, or "This is definitely for Bente!" I'll chime in. Even Martin, who has not been doing the business for too long is beginning to notice the tastes of our customers and will identify a piece that matches one of our customer's taste and style

Martin is scanning to pick his favorite piece, this planter is taken by Trinidad

Johan also begins to match one item with another as he schemes his vignettes. It's cool how is is able to match the oddest pieces and they somehow work. We also identify some of our favorite items from each of our trips or the different fairs. Sometimes it's a knock-out beautiful chandelier or sometime it may be a small piece that may seem insignificant, but it's unique and with character. Last year, my favorite was the hand of a mannequin that I bought in Germany. I use it to place my business cards. This year, my favorite is a Spanish planter with a religious relief in copper that says Ave Maria, but I also love a three-tiered Spanish chandelier from a church. Martin choose the wooden industrial table on wheels in the picture at the top, and Johan the concrete everlasting flame pillars. Not everything could fit in our van, the rest is coming with our transporter in the next days.

We spread everything out in front of the warehouse as we unload it and add to our inventory in preparation for the documentation, we price it and we clean it or identify if it needs a touch-up, painting, fixing, etc. "I'm going to leave those as they are." Johan will announce in reference to a couple of mirrors with a nice patina. Some of the D'ore mirrors will be painted to infuse new life into them. Johan's technique for creating grays and adding touches of frost are very sought after. 

We also tried to figure out what items might fit into our luggage so that we cold bring a few things with us. I got a few French navy bags, a few religious figurines, magazines, and a couple of old, small school chalkboards. Martin only had room for some souvenirs and presents for his friends and family. We decided next year we will not be taking many clothes so we can bring more goodies with us!

After we left, Johan got busy cleaning, painting, fixing and displaying items so that he could photograph them and post them on our web site. Some of them are posted already, check it out our website click here. Enjoy the pre-view, and let us know if there is an item you might be interested in by sending us an email to infoatelierdc@gmail.com Include the item number and its description to find out more information and for pricing. i.e. I am interested in the following item: Flower basket: #17/381



The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Ohhhhh!!!!!! Actually I should leave this message at that as I can't speak for all the SUBLIME items you have bought back! Those mirrors all stacked together are a artwork in themselves and that chandelier!!!!!!! I don't have enough adjectives to use to tell you how much I love that piece. You are an amazingly talented team! I am now off to look at your store! Warmest wishes and hugs from an old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx

DustyLu said...

Oh my gosh! What hard work you guys put into it. I didn't know how much work this was. But, your find as always are stunning and beautiful! Can't wait to see them. Lulu

kathee said...

Hi Trinidad, omg...your finds are amazing! I hope you "identified" some for me!?? Going to hop over to the website to see what I need. Have a safe trip home! xok

Ido said...

Oh my goodness! so much beauty, will check your website, I'd like to see those religious items you brought. Everything is spectacular, and those mirrors, beautiful!!!
Have a great weekend!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Hi all, thanks for your comments, wish I could play more with the items and create ambiance her at the warehouse, but I have to finish the job of getting everything ready for loading the container in about a week. I had not the time to put all pictures on our website but will work on this this weekend.
You all have a great creative weekend

creekside rummager said...

Oh My!! You all did bring back some beautiful things. And they are always arranged so artisticly. You guys are great at what you do.

Ido said...

How much for the # 13/309 crucifix and the #15/258 cross? and do you ship?

Anonymous said...

Oh my word you have the best job ever! I can't even choose a favourite... maybe the mirrors...um um! going to have a peek at the website:)


Maureen@CheekyinBlue said...

Oh I love, Love, LOVE those mirrors! Mama wants to get ahold of them somehow, someway! And the planter on top of the wood table...perfectly perfect!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Those of you who live in the States, our Container Unloading Sale is the third weekend of September. For those of you who live in Europe, contact Johan if you'd like to visit our warehouse.


lvroftiques said...

O......M......G!!!!! I'm feeling a little light headed from all the fabuliciousness!!

Trinidad will you ever feature your house here on the blog? I can only imagine how TDF it must be!! Love love love...prety much EVERYTHING! *winks* But that Italian chandelier is killing me!! Could you please let me know if it's still available? (#17/380 Lrg. Italian Chandelier detail) And could you tell me how many organs I'll need to sell to make it mine? *winks*........Now I need a glass of wine and maybe a cigarette....and I don't smoke.....Vanna

under spanish moss said...

Guys, would definetly came home wiht lots of treasures. So many beautiful items! We can't wait to see more. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! XO Angela and Renee

Jacque Ferreira said...

ooooh aahhhh! What did you bring me! Ha! You guys are so fabulous, I love everything about you and I think you most certainly need to be featured in some awesome publication for the world to see! EnJOY your time in the garden... I bet your garden can't wait to filled with all these new beautiful treasures ~ Jacque

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Insanely beautiful items! As usual, I can't pick a favorite. That planter really has me swooning though, and those frames, and........Love it all. You guys rock.

Atelier de Campagne said...

Hello again ladies! Allow me to introduce you all to all.
•Glenda from The Paper Mulberry's blog does an amazing job in her blogging and selection of images.
•Lulu from DustyLu is a fabulous photographer and blogger, among other things.
•Kathee's Chateau and Jardin has been featured in magazines.
•Ido has a cool French inspired blog and teaches you a French
word -of-the-day per entry.
•Lanni from Creekside Rummager has great postings on gardening and reflections.
•Veronica who signs as Anonymous,is in Cape Town and has a fresh new blog.
•Maureen has a beautiful entry inher blog right now that makes you sigh.
•Vanna(on whom I have a crush)features flea market finds on her blog and is just a riot. Love the lady!
•Renee and Angela are just stellar! Check out her interviews with Greige's Christina and with the Gianettis!
•Jacque and her husband James are so creative and generous and kind. Check out Old Soul Studios.
•Rosemary has been impressing me with all her unique techniques to paint furniture and other items.


dejavu said...

And as you guys know that doesn't happen often LOL!!!
Big hug,
Paul and Desiree
ps I LOVE the chandelier!!!!

Unknown said...

I just loveeeeeeeeeee everything!

Acquired Objects said...

You know if you had everything shipped to my house in NH you could save a ton shipping it all out west....lol. Loving the pedestals with flames on top and that industrial shelved bench is great. I love everything what a great job you guys have! Thanks for introducing all the ladies I didn't know some of them but will now go to their blogs.

Burlap Luxe said...

Trinidad (a him)!!
What beauty to inspire a home that speaks French!
I could take one or two of each of your pieces.Loving all things French over here truly a place to love!

Désolé pour la mélanger avec pas être une fille sur facebook! Il ne se reproduira pas mon ami.

Atelier de Campagne said...

I'd like to welcome Desiree from Deja Vu who has an amazing shop in Holland, Penny from WDWS designs, and Gea who's blog G-style is beautiful. Check these ladies blogs and stores.

LaPouyette said...

Great finds! Great images! Great post!
Greetings from Périgord,

Donna, The Decorated House said...

There's little doubt that I could fall in love and find a home for each of your treasures. It would be right here within touch and gazing distance. You have such a perfect eye for finding these fabulous goodies.

La Dolfina said...

Oh you boys have the keenest eye!
I adore your finds.
Simply Amazing...
I'm heading over now to see more.
I look forward to giving you big bear hugs at the Pointe soon :)

Much love,