Happy Holidays

Well guess what folks? The world did not end. The Mayans had not really
 predicted an end, but a new beginning, and that is exactly what we will get. 
A fresh new age that promises a heightened awareness and enlightenment 
that will lead to a better world. This is definitely what we would like to believe,
 and what we hope to pass on to you

2012 has been great for us. We have continued to expand our visibility 
and in turn have met hundreds of new friends and customers. We have also
 learned much about the social media and its benefits and not-so-beneficial
 effects. I can't seem to get off of Facebook!

We are looking forward to a new year and  we are ready for the challenges 
and lessons it might bring. For us the school of life is always open and we are
 eager students. The essential ingrediens for us are to maintain an open mind
 and a good disposition. We try not to rest on our laurels and strive to keep
 moving and keep our creative juices flowing, as well as our sleeves rolled up
 and our faith in a higher power.

We at Atelier de Campagne would like to wish you Happy Holidays in whichever
 manner you celebrate. May you find time to be with your loved ones, take time
 to reflect on the gifts that life has offered you, and experience some
 satisfaction and peace. May you end this year surrounded with peace and
 begin the new one with a fresh attitude and will to live, love, and learn. 
Thank you for your constant support and friendship!

Love and energy to you all!

Team Atelier.