Vintage by NINA

Atelier de Campagne is proud to
announce that we have been chosen
to be the North American
distributors of Nina Hartmann's book
Vintage by Nina.

Nina Hartmann is an internationally known stylist of interiors and purveyor of vintagetreasures and objets d'art. For the past eight years, Nina has run the vintage and antiques shop  vintagebynina.com and has a show room in Sweden.Nina's style, love for design and unique items of the past have made her one of the most talked about and respected figures of design and style in Scandinavia. 

After the publication of this book, which is a harmonious collaboration with Swedish photographer Maria Isabel Hansson, Nina is quickly becominga household name in the international world of design.  Maria Isabel's camera and lighting details capture the essence and small nuances of Nina's unique style.Together they have given life to a sublime book of vintage style design.Johan met Nina during one of his buying trips through the antique fairs of Franceand in conversation discovered that she was the author of a bookhe had recently admired. Johan was already impressed by the artistry of the book, and also became impressed with Nina's personality.

 Recently, knowing that we export antiques and vintage treasures from Europe to the United States, Nina approached Johan with the idea of bringing some her books to the U.S. Even though, the book at the time was not in English,but in Norwegian , Johan knew that as they say "A picture speaks a thousand words."and that our customers would get over the language barrier and "listen" to Maria's photosas their beauty translated Nina's love for design. And now, we have been invited topromote and distribute Vintage by Nina in its English version. So now, you will be able toenjoy both the photos and the text as the book is being translated into English as we write this and will be available this early fall.

The book has already been sold all around the world and is now coming to the U.S. in its English version. Both Nina's and Maria's work have been published in design magazines internationally. We are sure you are familiar with some of the images as they are avidly shared in the social media vehicles such as Pinterest, Facebook, etc. 

This book is one that we are sure will transcend time and design styles, and in our opinion its sui generi; unique, fresh, bold at times and yet feminine, clean. The book contains 160 beautiful and provocative pages which inspire dreams in its readers and invokes the interior design muse of those who leaf through its pages.

 When you open the book, you feel enveloped by Nina's universe of carefully selected collections of rare findings, old body forms, weathered animal toys, framed old documents, angel wings, and so much more. 

100% of the items in the photographs are real vintage. Items that alonecould be considered common, but mixed in with her style become beautiful.You will imagine yourself strolling along with Nina as she gathers all these treasures in the flea markets and antique fairs in Europe and brings them to her home 

And you can visualize Nina as she thoughtfully and delicately finds the perfect place for each new find as she createsan ambiance opening magical windows to the beauty of the past. The vintage world where Nina's design heart resides.

Title: Vintage by Nina
Hardcover: 164 pages
Dimensions: 10"x 8.5"
More than 300 colour photographs

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