Are you a Basket Case ?

Even before humankind invented the wheel, baskets and other containers were invented.  Whether they were man-made artifacts or containers that were nature-made, our ancestors saw the need to have vessels and containers to store, carry, and safeguard food and other items. Some even used a type of basket to carry their young ones.  Pods from fruits, bark of trees, large leaves, and even animal innards, were used as vessels and containers.

Somewhere along the way, baskets and containers from leaves, twigs and other natural fibers were created.  Although at first they may have been rustic and created  out of necessity, they gradually became elaborate, decorative and finally elevated to an art form.

Metal mussel harvest baskets 
Belgium and North France

Although the material may vary, given the geography of each culture and the natural resources available, most, if not all cultures have some form or forms of baskets.  Some may be from natural fibers and some from synthetic and man created materials, but baskets abound in our global community.  From the basic reed utilitarian basket, to the sublime work of the Zulu of Africa, the Incas to the Pacific Islanders of Tonga.

Wire mushroom harvest baskets France

For us, at Atelier de Campagne, baskets, whether fancy or simple can be both functional or used to add an aesthetic touch to your home.  A French mussel basket can easily be used to store firewood, or as a baby's laundry basket, but it can also just hang somewhere in a country kitchen and add a touch of age and nostalgia to the ambiance.  An old mushroom basket can be used to carry those delectable organic veggies you buy at the Farmer's Market, or be used as a center piece filled with luscious Brier lemons.  Baskets always add a touch of warmth and beauty to a home.

Just got these in 2 days ago,  on time before we load container this week, 
have not been able to find out what they were use for.

Don`t need to explain what they are used for in the boulangeries

Wicker laundry baskets 

Also a baguette basket used in the french bakeries 

These sturdy baskets were used to carry grapes 
in the champagne area Reims, France

Metal basket used to harvest oysters on the island Ile de Rê, France 

Heavy metal baskets used in the weaving industry

These are some of the different types of baskets that we at Atelier de Campagne like to collect in our buying trips through the Old World to bring to the U.S.  Let us know how you use your baskets and if possible send us photos to our e-mail address: infoatelierdc@gmail.com

Large metal basket that hold and protect large glass wine bottles in France