Bringing France to Our Garden

We were thrilled with how well our Container Unloading Sale went. The sad part, no one took photos! As soon as we opened, it was about greeting people, responding to questions, finding out prices, etc, etc, but no photos of people during the event. On other occasions we either took photos or recorded on video, 
but this time no one remembered to do this.

                                                                Photo by Cathy Baker

My friend and mentor Debbie, at my request, wrote a list of observations about the event. I trust her judgement and wanted her feedback, and among the litany of ideas,(not really a litany) she shared that there could have been an assigned greeter and photographer and she is totally right. Next time, I will assign someone to take photos. Lulu, Cathy, Maria, who volunteers?

Photo by Cathy Baker

In the absence of photos of the jubilation of all the folks shopping, we offer some photos we took of some of the treasures as well as some of Cathy Baker's. Cathy is good friend who has made our events one of her holidays. Not only did she take great photos, but she came the day before and rolled up her sleeves to help us get things ready. 
Thank you Cathy!

Enjoy the photos, and know that this Saturday Sept. 24, the party and shopping bacchanalia continues. There were folks who could not come due to previous engagements or because they were participating in other events. We had friends at Goat Hill in Soquel, Frolic in Chico, and Mes Amis in Roseville, as well as all those who normally sell or buy in Long Beach. We hope to see some of you here. Check our website here for more details and find us on Facebook here.

A very special MERCI to all of you who showed up and took home something to add to the beauty of your home or garden. We hope to see you again. Some of you drove from far and we want you to know, we really appreciate it! 
Our gratitude to Becky for stepping in to help with sales.
Melissa you were greatly missed!

Trinidad, Johan, and Martin

Lilah is our youngest customer.

Daddy, "I don't know what tuition is, but I want this chandy!!!"



Little by little our garden turns into a magical gallery of treasures. Not all of them are fancy or elegant. Some are odd, simple, rustic, but to us they are all beautiful. A bee hive, an egg sizer, or an olive colander can suddenly become part of a home's decor. When I see someone picking up an odd item, I always like to ask them how they will use it. Some of our customers sometimes send us photos of how they used an item or how they integrated it in their design. I'd love to do a posting on this one day: photos of our items in your homes or gardens.

We love watching Johan do his magic as he begins to spread out our finds and like the artist he is, uses our garden as a canvas and selects items as though they were his paint. He gets a look in his eyes as he visualizes and "grabs" his brushes in his brain and begins his careful brush strokes, moving this chair here, placing a plant there.

I used to have to do all this before on my own and always felt stressed because I just don't have the gift for designing as he does, so when he is here, he is "The Man." We step aside and do the menial work as he sets it all up. Martin has been a great help this time and took some time from his busy schedule to help out. He feels especially good this time as he spots items that he found in our buying trip. He will be serving wine and helping out tomorrow also.

It is not easy to arrange everything as we don't have a large garden and area for displaying what comes out the 40 ft. container. Each time we say, "Next time, we will plan more, and then something happens that throws us off. We still have a few things to do tomorrow morning. Our friend Cathy from Chico came today and was also great help. She brought a bottle of wine and one of champagne and rolled up her sleeves to help out. Thank you Cathy!

We are now sitting in our living room working, but we wanted to post one more entry in our blog to remind you of the event that begins tomorrow Saturday 17 and ends on Sunday 18. We have gotten several phone calls and are excited to see some of you again and meet some of you for the first time. We are sure you will have a good time, and hopefully you will find something to take home with you.

Enjoy the images!





As many of you know we have had quite a stressful time in the last couple of days.  As they say, "Even the best laid plans of mice and men..." We planned and expected to be able to have our Container Unloading Sale on the 10th and 11th, but customs had another plan for us. We crossed every T and dotted every I, and yet things didn't go as we expected them. Our container was not released promptly so that it could be delivered at our place in time, for us to have our sale. It was difficult to face the reality and finally make the call to postpone the event. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and hope that you will be able to join us.

Our sale will take place at our home in Corralitos. You do not have to go to France to enjoy a day of fabulous shopping. We bring France to you with our selection of hand-picked merchandise that will add a touch of the past to your home and garden. We spent months traveling through France and other parts of Europe procuring the best, the unusual, and the special, to enhance the beauty of your environments. Some of you have already  gotten a preview of our web site and admired photographs of some of the pieces that will be arriving. To quote a designer friend of ours, "I felt like I was taking a stroll through Provence...and Paris"

Left: Pair of Italian  wooden accents, Right: Napoleon style mirror  

You too can take a stroll through our garden and experience France. Sip a glass of wine and join in the excitement of this gathering of treasures. In the past, folks have traveled from out of state to have first pick at this melange of gorgeous finds. Our treasures adorn many beautiful homes and are also part of the collection of fine, selective boutiques.

Grape carriers from the Bourgogne wine region  

We were recently named in Brooke and Steve Giannetti's book Patina Style here, as a resource for antiques and architectural and we have been featured in several blogs and magazines. Come then, and join us at this special event, which is not just a sale, it's an experience! Visit our web site here for a preview and click on the link for our YouTube video here to get a glimpse of a previous Container Sale. After our event, you can continue your shopping at Goat Hill here an event that due to our circumstances, we'll have to miss. 

French industrial metal chairs, metal deed boxes from England  

We are also very close to Santa Cruz here, Monterey, Carmel, San Jose, San Francisco, so it could easily become a mini-vacation for you. Connect with a friend and enjoy the drive to our beautiful Central Coast region.

Saturday Sept 17 9 a.m to 5 p.m. & SUNDAY Sept 18 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
15 Mountain View Rd.
Corralitos, CA 95076
Hope to see you all here!


Container Sale Postponed!!!


Photo  from 2 Space website
Dear Folks.
We regret to tell you that our container has not been released from customs 
and we need to POSTPONE OUR SALE.
Unfortunately, we do not even have a possible next date yet,
 but most likely next weekend.
We wanted to give you "HEADS UP"
so that you plan accordingly.
We are so terribly sorry but it is out of our hands.
Please visit our website for more details.
Stay tuned for updates on Facebook
please let your friends know.
Trinidad, Johan and Martin