Container Sale Postponed!!!


Photo  from 2 Space website
Dear Folks.
We regret to tell you that our container has not been released from customs 
and we need to POSTPONE OUR SALE.
Unfortunately, we do not even have a possible next date yet,
 but most likely next weekend.
We wanted to give you "HEADS UP"
so that you plan accordingly.
We are so terribly sorry but it is out of our hands.
Please visit our website for more details.
Stay tuned for updates on Facebook
please let your friends know.
Trinidad, Johan and Martin


La Dolfina said...

So disappointing but I'll wait!
Have a fun weekend then.

See you soon,



lvroftiques said...

Trinidad does that mean you'll have more time to blog???? Cuz I miss you man!!
I hope they release your containers soon! Vanna

Acquired Objects said...

Just gets people really excited for when the goods do show up. In the meantime you may come hang out in my studio since mister man only made me promise not to sleep in there not you.....lol. No worries!

Ido said...

Sorry about that guys! Patience, patience!
Have a great weekend!

flowers on my table said...

How frustrating for you...those bloomin' customs officers! Enjoy your weekend anyway, love Linda x

Anonymous said...

so sad to hear that it is postponed but I heard on Facebook that the container was released and you are rescheduling...wish you the best of success with your sale...

lvroftiques said...

Trinidad you are too funny!! By the way how did you end up with such cool name?
My little saintly child of Prague (He looks a bit like a hobbit...just sayin') actually does look like he had a belt or something around his waist (now missing) so maybe he was kicking loose for a good sit down with a cig! Naughty naughty! Lol!.....I snorted my coffee a little reading your comment. Vanna