Happy Holidays

Well guess what folks? The world did not end. The Mayans had not really
 predicted an end, but a new beginning, and that is exactly what we will get. 
A fresh new age that promises a heightened awareness and enlightenment 
that will lead to a better world. This is definitely what we would like to believe,
 and what we hope to pass on to you

2012 has been great for us. We have continued to expand our visibility 
and in turn have met hundreds of new friends and customers. We have also
 learned much about the social media and its benefits and not-so-beneficial
 effects. I can't seem to get off of Facebook!

We are looking forward to a new year and  we are ready for the challenges 
and lessons it might bring. For us the school of life is always open and we are
 eager students. The essential ingrediens for us are to maintain an open mind
 and a good disposition. We try not to rest on our laurels and strive to keep
 moving and keep our creative juices flowing, as well as our sleeves rolled up
 and our faith in a higher power.

We at Atelier de Campagne would like to wish you Happy Holidays in whichever
 manner you celebrate. May you find time to be with your loved ones, take time
 to reflect on the gifts that life has offered you, and experience some
 satisfaction and peace. May you end this year surrounded with peace and
 begin the new one with a fresh attitude and will to live, love, and learn. 
Thank you for your constant support and friendship!

Love and energy to you all!

Team Atelier.


Coming Back!!!

I am dusting off and cleaning the cob webs.  It's been so long since we last posted! Getting everything ready for our last container, doing some home improvement and construction, learning about the social media and about distributing books has kept us quite busy. Some of you see us on Facebook. We have been building our presence there and meeting a lot of new friends and customers. We have also attended more antique shows and events and the attendance to our sales and such have improved. 
We are very grateful and feel fortunate to meet so many new people. 

Some of our finds this summer in France, Belgium and England 
photos taken at our Fall Container Sale

Back at home, we have added an outbuilding that serves as storage, but it's great as a place for display during the container sale. We have removed some of the gardening beds and are working on creating a roomier space. We now have a small patio at the front and expanded the porch, so we have a new "sitting area."

I have spent much time reaching out to retailers and promoting the books that we are distributing for NIna Hartmann. It has been an arduous but welcome new learning experience. It feels good however to be representing such a fine and creative woman and was a delightful experience to have met her last summer. She actually brought all sorts of party goods and we celebrated my birthday in Maroilles, the day before an antique fair. Tore, her husband made special treats and drinks for us.

Learning how to navigate Facebook and trying to not spend too much time on it has been a struggle for me. Aye, aye , aye! First, Johan and Martin had trouble convincing me to get on it, and now they have a hard time getting me to stay off it! It is an odd animal, Facebook. On the one hand, it can be a magnificent tool for networking and gaining visibility and on the other it can draw you in, and suddenly you realize you've spent hours on it. I have, however, met many awesome and delightful people, some of whom, turn up at our events bearing gifts. Thank you to all the folks whom have brought or sent us gifts, but also given us the gift of your friendship and support. Thanks also to all the folks whom have also blogged about us! 

Some of these items are still available 

We also would like to thank NIna Hartmann and Tore for placing their trust in us and giving us the great opportunity to represent them in North America and to all the retailers whom have ordered their beautiful books for their stores and establishments. It has been an honor to do this.  Visit Nina's page on Facebook at vintagebynina.com community to learn more about her and her books.

Metal Olive Colanders 

And finally, THANK YOU to all of you who follow our blog for your patience and support! We will try to be more constant, but when you dont' see us here, follow us on Facebook on our page Atelier de Campagne LLC. 
God Bless you all!

Trino & Johan


Vintage by NINA

Atelier de Campagne is proud to
announce that we have been chosen
to be the North American
distributors of Nina Hartmann's book
Vintage by Nina.

Nina Hartmann is an internationally known stylist of interiors and purveyor of vintagetreasures and objets d'art. For the past eight years, Nina has run the vintage and antiques shop  vintagebynina.com and has a show room in Sweden.Nina's style, love for design and unique items of the past have made her one of the most talked about and respected figures of design and style in Scandinavia. 

After the publication of this book, which is a harmonious collaboration with Swedish photographer Maria Isabel Hansson, Nina is quickly becominga household name in the international world of design.  Maria Isabel's camera and lighting details capture the essence and small nuances of Nina's unique style.Together they have given life to a sublime book of vintage style design.Johan met Nina during one of his buying trips through the antique fairs of Franceand in conversation discovered that she was the author of a bookhe had recently admired. Johan was already impressed by the artistry of the book, and also became impressed with Nina's personality.

 Recently, knowing that we export antiques and vintage treasures from Europe to the United States, Nina approached Johan with the idea of bringing some her books to the U.S. Even though, the book at the time was not in English,but in Norwegian , Johan knew that as they say "A picture speaks a thousand words."and that our customers would get over the language barrier and "listen" to Maria's photosas their beauty translated Nina's love for design. And now, we have been invited topromote and distribute Vintage by Nina in its English version. So now, you will be able toenjoy both the photos and the text as the book is being translated into English as we write this and will be available this early fall.

The book has already been sold all around the world and is now coming to the U.S. in its English version. Both Nina's and Maria's work have been published in design magazines internationally. We are sure you are familiar with some of the images as they are avidly shared in the social media vehicles such as Pinterest, Facebook, etc. 

This book is one that we are sure will transcend time and design styles, and in our opinion its sui generi; unique, fresh, bold at times and yet feminine, clean. The book contains 160 beautiful and provocative pages which inspire dreams in its readers and invokes the interior design muse of those who leaf through its pages.

 When you open the book, you feel enveloped by Nina's universe of carefully selected collections of rare findings, old body forms, weathered animal toys, framed old documents, angel wings, and so much more. 

100% of the items in the photographs are real vintage. Items that alonecould be considered common, but mixed in with her style become beautiful.You will imagine yourself strolling along with Nina as she gathers all these treasures in the flea markets and antique fairs in Europe and brings them to her home 

And you can visualize Nina as she thoughtfully and delicately finds the perfect place for each new find as she createsan ambiance opening magical windows to the beauty of the past. The vintage world where Nina's design heart resides.

Title: Vintage by Nina
Hardcover: 164 pages
Dimensions: 10"x 8.5"
More than 300 colour photographs

Those interested in acquiring this book for resale should contact us via
e-mail infoatelierdc@gmail.com for details and info on cost.
Title your e-mail Wholesale VBN
We need to take pre-orders ASAP in order to get the book to you by mid September.

Those who are interested in purchasing a copy or two for themselves send an e-mail to infoatelierdc@gmail.com.
Title your e-mail Retail VBN


Spring Container Sale: ENCORE!!!

Whew! We've had a couple of pretty exciting weeks! 
First there was the exhilaration and nervousness about 
receiving our container on time from Europe so we 
could plan our bi-annual Container Unloading Sale. 
Then there was the actual unloading which happened 
the day before the sale was scheduled. 
We normally get a few days to plan and set up but 
the container was delayed and we didn't want to 
change the dates. It was a bit nerve-racking but it all worked out 
and we had a great event. 

Unfortunately for some, our event had to take place during 
Easter weekend, so there were several people who, due to family 
gatherings and such, could not come. 
For those who couldn't attend, and those who would like to return, 
we are having an "open garden," Encore/Take Two event 
this Saturday April 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It was so nice to meet many of you and to see some familiar faces. 
Some of you who read our blog and other Facebook and 
Pinterest friends and followers. Thank you so much for your presence. 
We would also like to thank our friends who blogged 
about our event or posted on their Facebook walls and pages. 
If you know of others who might like our style, let them know!

Antique and Vintage Sale

April 28, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

15 Mountain View Rd. Corralitos, CA

Send an e-mail to infoatelierdc@gmail to be added to 
our e-mailing list and get more details.

Polka dots jugs photos by Cathy Baker