Tastefully Tasty: St. Helena Olive Oil Co.

Less than a month ago, in one of our events, we met a delightful and amazing woman who was searching for items to outfit her new store. She selected a few items there, and then made an appointment to visit our place since she needed a few more tables, mirrors and such. 
I am talking about Peggy O'Kelly, president/founder of the St. Helena Olive Oil Co.

Peggy told us that some of the images on our web site had inspired her and that she wanted to create her new  store, Napa Valley Bath Co. with a soft and feminine touch. By the way, her new store will be opening on November 25. 


Napa Valley Bath Co.will feature a line of organic and natural bath products made from organic lavender that they distill in the Napa Valley. It will have a scent bar where customers can experience the different aromas and learn about the plants and their therapeutic values, etc. It will be a blend of aromatherapy and bath and body. Follow Peggy on Facebook for more information on the grand opening. here

When she came to our place, we were pleased that she was able to find plenty of pieces she could use. While she selected them, we were impressed by her pleasant nature and strong sense of what she liked and wanted.
Peggy has strong core values about her products and life in general. She takes great care to understand each step of the way in the creation of her products because she aims to provide healthy products that both go in and on the body. For more on her philosophy and production ethics. Here

She shared a bit with us about her two tasting rooms and their "look." Yesterday we paid her stores a visit and saw that they are both tastefully and yet daringly decorated in a French, rustic style that fits quite well with her products. We walked around the stores admiring all her pieces and vignettes, as we sampled some of her delicious variety of dipping olive oils. Johan couldn't resist taking some photos and as we admired them later, decided to share this amazing place with you. We also couldn't resist buying a few bottles of oil to enjoy later. I chose one bottle of jalapeno flavored oil, Johan chose the one with basil, and Martin chose some wonderful Dijon mustard. We just enjoyed some of those before and during dinner. 

Next time you are in the Napa Valley area, pay Peggy and the St. Helena Olive Oil Co. a visit, either the tasting rooms, or soon at her bath and body store.
Cheers Peggy!



ROTP, We did it again!... and better!

Thesaurus in hand and I cannot find the right superlative, nor many other adjectives to describe the unbelievable experience at Remnants of the Past. Getting ready for it was exhilarating, and yet some times nerve racking. Getting up at 1:30 in the morning to get there was extremely difficult, but once we were on the road, 
we were giddy with glee and anticipation

Setting up was grueling sometimes as we unloaded all our treasures, 
but as Martin and Johan worked together to arrange everything, 
it was delightful to see it develop.

I walked around greeting all the other folks as they set up their booths and took photos. I would have posted them here, but most of them did not give me their permission as they were sweating and wearing work clothes. So vain!  I love watching all the folks proudly doing their best in designing their booth and may I say they were successful! I was so proud of everyone!

This is only our second time doing Remnants, but I think there is consensus in saying that it was the best planned, the best designed, and just the BEST ever! Judge for yourself, but keep in mind that our photos do NOT do these folks justice. Be there next time and you will experience one of the best vintage sale events of your life,
 and I do dare say THE BEST! 

Our thanks to Judy and her magnificent team, and also to all the other vendors, some of whom drove over a thousand miles to get there!  A special THANK YOU to all the customers who came from all over and a very special thank you to my team, Martin and Johan who are just stellar!



REMNANTS of the PAST & Atelier de Campagne

What a rush!  The word on the street is this will be THE BEST Remnants of the Past ever! Top-notch vendors are driving in from all over the map. I have been talking with friends I have known and friends I have recently met on Facebook, and some started their trek this morning.

I want to send a big shout-out to all my colleagues who are driving from different states, a special welcome to those who will be at ROTP for the first time, as well as a warm greeting to all of the other veteran vendors. I am in awe of the wonderful amalgam of treasures and personalities.

 You, along with Judy Watkin's tireless efforts have made what Remnants of the Past is today: Number One as named by Romantic Homes Magazine. This fall, we will have special guests, which include Brooke and Steve Giannetti who will be signing and selling copies of their recently published book Patina Style here. It is a beautiful book in both its images and text: a celebration of the beauty found in aged treasures. A book that pays homage to time and the elements for the beauty they add to wood, rock, metals, etc.

Everyone has been gathering and saving their best treasures to bring to this event. Just type the word Remnants of the Past on Goggle and you will see how many people have been posting on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and every social media venue. We had to make our lodging reservations way in advance in order to secure a room and without a doubt every hotel near San Luis Obispo is booked.

This year ROTP will be held at the Alex Madonna Expo Center here and it will include many more vendors. We will miss the pastoral beauty of the Dana-Powers location, and want to publicly thank Judy Powers and family for hosting this event in the past. It may be near impossible to re-create the charm of such a wonderful site, but we will do our best to create an ambiance of beauty and magic! Because this new site can accomodate more vendors and has plenty of space, it will be so much more convenient for customers and issues of parking and transportation will be eliminated.

We are so eager to greet old friends and meet the new vendors at the dinner and ready to revel in all the great energy that is generated before, during, and after the event. The adrenaline is palpable and it's a rush that lasts for quite a while, for even after the event, people are posting on their blogs and sharing stories with one another. 

So here we go....another wonderful, exhilarating, and enriching experience at Remnants of the Past! We are riding in in our new box truck which will be full of beauties to add to your collection and beauty of your home and garden.

We are looking forward to seeing YOU there! Saturday and Sunday October 8 & 9, 2011. Look for us in the outside area, Spaces T27 & T28. Our French flags will be waving for you!

Trinidad, Johan, and Martin