Creations D'Ambiance!

Over the years, I have learned to appreciate more and more the unique gift that Johan has for arranging, combining, displaying, and making our merchandise look more appealing.  He can take an ordinary galvanized bucket and make it into an attractive planter.

Earlier post on our garden house click here

He can take a branch of oak, put it into an old harvester, put a light in there and create a gorgeous, dramatic lighting effect. I remember a customer who once said, " I cannot believe Johan's creativity. He hangs an old skeleton of a metal chair on the wall, put a vintage piece of cloth dangling from it becomes art!" 

  Left picture taken of our booth at Remnants of the Past by Dusty Lu click here 

It's no secret, aside from selecting beautiful items, it's essential that items be displayed in a way that attracts, and helps the customers visualize a piece in their own environment. Whether it's a store or a stand at the flea market, if you are in the business of selling items for beautifying a home, it's crucial that you do your best to combine and display them.
                                                     Picture taken by Dusty Lu click here 

A well created vignette helps people see how an item can combine with others by its color, shape, texture, etc. How you display it can also provide an idea of how to use it: it gives the item a purpose. An old metal spittoon, as vulgar as it may seem, all of s sudden becomes beautiful as a base of an over-sized candle.
A group of shutters can become a headboard or a room divider, or a back drop for a beautiful potted plant. 

When Johan is not around, I try to channel him and do my best in arranging and displaying at our store or at the antique fairs and events we participate in, but I have much to learn. Our customers always know when Johan is in town because they see how beautiful everything is displayed. I have no problem letting people know that he is responsible for much of the success of our business because he has a great eye for selecting items and a true gift for making them look even more attractive via his vignettes.


These are just some of our favorites:
Visit our website click here for some of the treasures we are bringing in our September container, for example the items in the picture above.


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for making our day today with beautiful treasures from Europe......Julian

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

I have read through your touching and moving post with my mouth open in awe at the beautiful images before my eyes! Trinidad you too have a sublime way with words that sums up all the beauty in Johan's vignettes. You are an amazing team that not only have a talent for selecting divine items but creating the extraordinary from the ordinary. Heavenly! Warmest hugs - Glenda xxx

creekside rummager said...

I agree with Paper Mulberry. Your post was a beautiful tribute to Johan's eye for beauty. You do have a way with words that draws me to your blog to read as well as relish the beauty in the photos. Thanks.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Thanks for this wonderful post. So much beauty, inspiration, and great tips. I love the colors and ornate details, of course. Just my style.

Ido said...

You guys are all very talented, I love all the merchandise in your posts, Johan has an eye for display and you have a way with expressing and writing, that is why you make a great team and are successful in your business. Next time I'm in California will be looking for your store.

Atelier de Campagne said...

Thank you folks! We are thrilled that things are going very well. We are eager to get our new container and to meet other people, including some of you. We also discovered yesterday that The Giannettis, Brooke and Steve who just published their book Patina Style, mentioned us as a source. YEY! It's a beautiful book too! If you order from Giannetti Home directly, they will sign it for you!

Katherine said...

Bless your little cotton socks..... you are an incredibly talented team. I love the patina positioned against the beauty of fresh flowers or sparkling crystal. LoVe iT!

kathee said...

Trinidad, I too agree with Glenda. You write such a lovely blog. I have you on my sidebar so I can never miss a post. Thank you for sharing your finds with us. Johan is amazing, but I think the team of you Martin and Johan are even more amazing! Love you guys! xokathee

La Dolfina said...

Amen my friend, you said it.
It's much about the art of arrangement and for the most part it's a rare gift to possess, so I agree it's so important to show us the possibilities. There are only 2 people that I know of who are incredibly gifted in the art of display and now that I've met you and Johan, I know 3. Isn't it true that these gifted ones don't even have to try... it just happens for them... so easy and natural. For a perfectionist like myself, it's truly difficult. I think it's good, but I think it could be better, I'm never satisfied and I try way too hard. The best arrangements just flow and are effortless. I guess what I am getting at is... Thank you Johan for sharing your gift with all of us :)
Lots of Love,

Trinidad... you do a fabulous job at the Pointe, you know that!
He has definitely rubbed off on you!

lvroftiques said...

Painfully beautiful my friend!*winks* Mr. Johan is masterful! I wish I could bring home every single durn thing!...So y'all are doing a GREAT job!....Now if only I could win the lottery.....Vanna

Jacque Ferreira said...

Love Letters! They are all sending you love letters and deservingly so... beautiful and inspiring. I have been enjoying watching your business and the three of you as a team evolve into something grand and special. No doubt we will be seeing great things happening in your future ~ Jacque

under spanish moss said...

Johan certainly has an eye for design. He creates beautiful vignettes! Can he come over to our house and rearrange?
XO Angel and Renee

Atelier de Campagne said...

Johan has been known to do that Angela and Renee. I read in his bio that early in his pre-pubescent years, Johan started sneaking around and would break into his neighbors homes when they were gone. Naw, he didn't steal nuthin' or cause damage...
...he rearranged their furniture!


Acquired Objects said...

Do you know why I come to your blog, to dream and today was no different. All these beautiful things coming together to create pieces of artwork. I feel like I'm learning from the best! But I think Trinidad short changes himself because it takes all three of you to make your business whole.

Glenda said...

These arrangements are works of art. I wait daily to see what you will post next. I have only one word for this post, Stunning. Thank you for such inspiration.

Karen T. said...

Wished I lived near your beautiful shop. I know I would be a "regular"!

Bohemian said...

ALL of it swoon worthy!!! Photo #1 has me in Chandie Francophile Heaven... and the last photo I'm still recovering from! Oh, and everything inbetween. *winks*

Trinidad the vignettes are always spectacular... what a gift you all have for display and product to Wow us all!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Country French Antiques said...

OH MY!! I just want to sit in that 1st photo and contemplate life over a glass of wine!! How amazing and you sure know how to capture the essence of France! MAGNIFICENT!!!

LaPouyette said...

Simply brilliant !!!
What else can I say....


P.S. Trinidad, will send you an email regarding photos, camera and..
just very busy with our annual music festival here in the Périgord.

Burlap Luxe said...

Such beauty! amazing!!

Arrangements creating perfect harmony right here between heaven and earth!

Letting each piece take you in, creating a balance that speaks only to you!

Inspiring all things French!

Allie said...

Johan is an artist! He surely does have a gift for arranging the most beautiful and artful settings. The items look right at home in their various incarnations. Always a pleasure to see what you have come home with. Have a wonderful weekend!

Maureen@CheekyinBlue said...

OK I'm movin in! I'll just take up a wee little space on the corner of sublime and perfection! Kudos to Johan, it really is that pretty! I'm obsessing a bit over the fab zinc planters with the almost chartreuse boxwood...très belle! Have a great weekend Trinidad! I'll be spending my weekend submerged in an ice bucket or the nearest meat locker trying to find solace in the hot tamale summer plaguing Dallas right now! Oh to be in Cali...like I said, I'm movin in!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trinidad. I do think that you are an amazing team. This post of dreamy vignettes and a wonderful verbal tribute speaks of a great colabaration between you and the love of what you do. And it is also educating those of us who do not have a natural eye like Johan! I would never have looked at an old shutter before but you have changed that for sure! It must be amazing to have all these pieces to "play" with in your store. I would love to visit your store some day and if I were closer I would be a nuisance for sure!
I have sent you an email about the pieces I am interested in and also about the photo on my blog. Thank you for a lovely post! Congrats on the mention in the book would love to acquire it.


DustyLu said...

I love your posts! So beautiful and I love how it flows so nicely. Let me know if you ever want more photos and I can send you the originals! They will stretch better. Miss the flea markets but hope to return soon. Have a wonderful day! Hugs lulu

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hello Trinidad & Johan~
It would be like an echo in here if I tried to write what I was going to say ... because I feel the same as your other sweet friends.

The beauty of your friendship & shared vision is reflected in so much about your business, from the antiques you chose, to these beautiful arrangements. And of course your words.

DesFruitsRouges said...

Exactly what I want my house/garden to look like in the future. SO beautiful. Thanks for the great photos!

Boho Farm and Home said...

Oh Trinidad! Beauty upon beauty...and you are right the art of placement is so important. You both do it so well!

het tuinengeltje said...

Thank you for the wunderfull pictures. It's a dream.....!


Blue Muse said...

You all really weave the most beautiful magic. My heart can hardly take so much beauty in on place!
xo isa

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

I never tire of looking at these beautiful compositions, each time I see something new, a little touch of brilliance that changes the scene and makes it extra special. Hugs to you both for a fabulous weekend (and thank you Johan)! Glenda xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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