Signed, Sealed...and Soon to be Delivered!

One of Johan's favorite moments comes right before one of his least favorites. 

It is immensely satisfying when we finally have enough merchandise to complete
a container to be shipped to the U.S. He loves to see all of it spread out outside of our warehouse and begins to imagine how he is going to display it in our garden for our Container Sale video click here and here He smiles as he looks at all the pieces and brings to mind where he bought certain items and even remembers the faces of the people he bought them from. He admires the patina on some items, the craftsmanship on a piece of furniture, the simple and yet noble look of a rustic table, and wonders about those who designed, built, or owned a certain piece. He also wonders who will love and buy a certain item. He imagines their joy as they find the perfect little spot for it.

It's great to hear his voice when he calls me and says, "We have enough now!(yey!) It's time to load up!(ugh!)" And that is one his least favorite things to do: figuring out how to fit everything in the container.  He has to figure out how to best pack everything so that there is no damage therefore procures the right packing materials and in some cases builds crates to protect fragile pieces. We have to use every nook and cranny. It's important to think about how to build up so that there are strong pieces to withstand the weight of whatever goes on top. You also have to consider the size shape and surface of some items to decide how to group them. 

The list goes on and on! It is not only arduous physically, but also nerve racking trying to load up some of the heaviest pieces or getting on a ladder while trying to wedge in a piece that keeps getting stuck on something else. Add to that the stress of the documentation and other tasks of dealing with the transport companies, customs, etc. Packing  and getting the container ready is definitely not something to relish and it always feels so gratifying when the last piece finally goes in and he can shut the doors! It took three days, working 15 hours a day to finish packing this last container which will be in transit tomorrow and arrive at the Port of Oakland on the last day of August. This means we can probably set the date for our Container Sale for the second weekend of September. 

Stay tuned for updates on the actual date by joining our mailing list. You can do this by sending us an email, or can visit our web site  where we post dates of events click here. While you are there, you can preview some of the items that will be arriving. Note: not everything that is coming is posted as we like to maintain the element of surprise and purposely not show some of the items to come. I myself sometimes do not get to see every item prior to the container's arrival and love to discover some wonderful treasure I had not seen before. 

Some of the items Trinidad has not seen, like to keep some surprises

I always feel bad that I can never help in the loading of the container as usually when it happens, I have to be here to do my side of the business and fulfill my day-job duties. Now that I have taken a hiatus from my teaching job, I hope that I can go and help him with the packing of the next container. Johan is such a trooper because not only is he incredibly creative, but he's also always ready to roll up his sleeves and do the most arduous tasks. His hands possess both grace and skill to create, but also incredible strength to grasp, pull, carry, shove, and do everything that it takes to make sure all of our treasures make a safe journey to our place in Corralitos. I know by now you might be thinking, "It looks like Johan does everything! What do you and Martin do?" Well, stay with us, we will be posting later about the container's arrival and the drama that unfolds preparing for it, not to mention the unloading of the container. What takes Johan and his helpers three days to pack, we have to unpack it in three hours! 

A few more things, secure it and close the doors. 
Job is done!



Diana said...

Unbelievable amount of beautiful stuff! I do not know how you let go of any of it! xoxo

Atelier de Campagne said...

Hi Diana! Thanks for commenting! Hope your mother's feeling better. Can we make some Tostadas at Remnants? :)


DustyLu said...

I want it ALLL! When and where will you guys be next?? Hugs lulu

DustyLu said...

P.S suggestion take off work verification on you blogger comment setting so that people do not have to put in that word thingy after each comment. More people will want to comment. Email me if you need help.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Always swooning over your merchandise. I just love your decorative flair.

LaPouyette said...

In the true sense of word: "Signed - sealed and packed"!

I know out of my own experience that 'some work' is required to pack a van, a lorry, a container. But it is in a way a piece of art and to be able to fit everything in, 'chickeling' around, finding another hole, putting the right pieces in their suitable size together - at the end, what a pleasure!
Well done Johan!
Apart from all that - very good 'trouvailles'!

Now we're looking all forward to the September sale!

Warmest greetings from the Périgord,

P.S. Still busy with the concerts, but things calming down next week and I'll write to you.
Thanks for your 'patience', Trinidad!k

Divine Theatre said...

I have been missing you guys! I just dropped in to see how you are faring!
I cannot imagine what a daunting task it must be to carefully pack all those beautiful relics and send them off on their journey. I recall the trepidation I felt when packing the moving van for the 10 mile trip to our new home. Every bump, every sharp turn...my heart skipped!
Soon enough all your efforts will pay off and the lovely pieces will be snuggled into their loving new homes!

Acquired Objects said...

Been there done that only with a smaller container and I didn't enjoy it so my hats off to Johan and his crew. Just think of all the joy you bring to people with your treasures and that's half the fun! Enjoy your weekend!

Hugs to all of you!

Splendid Sass said...

So many beautiful things.

Renee Granier said...

It's going to be like Christmas when your container arrives and you guys begin to unpack all of your beautiful treasures. Your customers will be in for a treat when you have your container sale! Hope you guys have a great weekend!
Angela and Renee

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Oh my.... so much beauty and age in one place. Kind of like some of us :)

(Yes, take off the word verification.
Many people, me included, just don't leave comments when it pops up. But of course I'll always make an exception here.
Blogger does a great job of catching spam, and you can put comment moderation on after a few days, or a week on each post. Then if someone spams a year later, you will see the notification, and it will not appear on the post.)

Le Potager said...

Wow. . .looks like you found a nice assortment of beautiful pieces!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Hello! Thank you for all your comments. Thanks also to Lulu and Donna for your suggestions. I have followed your suggestions and hope it's easier for those who may want to comment. I look forward to our continued sharing.


Blue Muse said...

Kudos for all of that hard work - I can't imagine - but thank you for doing it and for bring us all of that beauty! Maybe I can make it up your way in Sept!
xo Isa

dejavu said...

I think this will be te most specteculair container ever!!!
I have seen what what was going in and it's every antiques lover wet dream ;-))
Good luck in september.
Paul & Desiree

La Dolfina said...

I love how you let us into the minute details of what you do to bring us these precious and amazing finds.
Johan is clearly passionate about what he does. While watching one of your video's I caught a glimpse of my gray wrought iron and oyster shell chandelier and remembered that you told me that the oysters were an enhancement that Johan had added! I love it so much and even more that I know how it was hand picked, shipped and embellished by his wonderful eye and hands!!!
I just love your blog and how you allow us this access into your world!
Wishing your treasures a safe journey and you and Martin a beautiful Sunday.
Much love.


Atelier de Campagne said...

Thank you Terri! Always so generous with your praise! We are very excited and hope to see many of our followers. Georis Winery from Carmel Valley will be sponsoring the event and perhaps one of our best local
bakeries! I 'd like to also take a moment to say hello to our newest followers! Thank you all for your support!


lvroftiques said...

I've so been there! And I don't envy Johan that job a'tall! Just about everything else, but not that one! Lol!
Have y'all had much breakage over the years? I think I'd cry like a little baby if I lost even one of your wonderful treasures *winks* Vanna

Atelier de Campagne said...

Just wanted all of you to know, we have a new page on Facebook Atelier de Campagne LLC. Come and visit and if it's the case, "like" us.



Mélanie A. said...

wonderful finds

Whimsy Antiques said...

It was so great to meet you!I will be following your adventures and who knows--maybe come to Europe with you one day for some good pickins!! Karen

Ido said...

Well, I'm late seeing this post, as always, but here I am. It's a lot of work I know, the worst part of the show is packing but you have to do it or there is no business, and you have to unpack in three hours, wow, do you have more people that helps you?
Wishing you the best of luck at your sale in September.

Vintage Home said...

oh if only....California is too far for a wee road trip...but wow those zinc barrels....oh I love the look of them!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Don't let the distance discourage you! Within reason, we can ship some of the items!

Team Atelier

Vintage Home said...

Thanks for dropping by...I love the Velvet & Linen blog !

La Dolfina said...

Oh Trinidad... I am so so sad to tell you that I won't be at The Pointe this Sunday... I'm going to Tahoe for my friend's 60th Birthday Party. If I can talk Chris into leaving really early Sunday morning, then maybe we can make it but I'm not sure he'll be up for that. I promise though I'll be at your container sale because next month is my birthday and that's what I want for MY BIRTHDAY... to go to Corralitas and see you :)
I'll miss you terribly...
Have a great sale!!!
Much love,

savvycityfarmer said...

whew ... I was wondering when my delivery was ... guess it will be here shortly, eh?

savvycityfarmer said...
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The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Dearest Trinidad, Johan and Martin (my Dream Brocante Team!) you have yet again taken my breath away with such sublime finds. Ohhh that mirror and ohhhh that carved wooden headboard (that's how I would use it!) are all far too gorgeous!!!!! I can only begin to imagine the settings you will create and can't wait to see the Atelier de Campagne magic. Hugs to all of you for a truly lovely weekend - Glenda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

confessions of a design addict said...

Love your pieces. I'm from Atlanta. Anyway to purchase on line?

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Trinidad,

I wish I were there to help you un-pack and then I could have first pick! That wire cage laying down packed full is fabulous!

Have a beautiful weekend my friend!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Thanks for all your comments and to those of you who visit but do not comment. Our next post will be about succulents! If you have a fabulous picture os one or tow, send it to us and I will see if I can print a few.


lvroftiques said...

Hi Trinidad!
I hope y'all are having a great weekend!
I just stopped by for an eye candy direct line infusion *winks*
I feel so much better now! Lol! Vanna

Room Seventeen said...

I am so enjoying your posts! I love the way you guys travel through France and I love reading about the fairs, markets en beautiful treasures. Thanks for sharing all your adventures and have a great sale in september!

Johan, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog!

Unknown said...

Bonjour!Thank You so much for your swwet comment on my blog, I'm just getting started on my journey this year! I love, love your blog and your stuff!!! I want it ALL!!! It's beautiful and I would have never known you were so close to us! I have to come buy very very soon! I've been wanting to do a paris flea mrkt trip this year so we have to talk!
Bella Maison Tresors

flowers on my table said...

Hi Trinidad, great post! There is such a lot of work involved to get the stuff from Europe to America, but I know your customers must appreciate that. It is very enticing getting a little sneaky look in the container. Good luck with it all and I look forward to the reveal! Love Linda x

pepsi said...

How do you pack so things like mirrors and glass don't break? I have a big stained glass window I want to pack amoung other stuff in a container to go overseas. Last time I moved in a container all my mirrors were broken! I'll be very upset if my window breaks!

Veronica said...

Holy moly Trinidad that looks like a serious mission to get it all loaded and I would be a nerveous wreck while it all drifts across the ocean!! I bet it must be a job to unload. good luck and i do hope it all arrives in tact and ship shape! looking forward to the next installment. you guys should set up a webcam so we can see the feavered unloading!!



What not to like here...and what is not like about this beautiful blog!!!

Cindy Barganier said...

Why oh why do I have to be SO far away. If you ever want someone to host a show in the South I'm your girl! You have nailed my esthetic. Until then I will live vicariously through your blog.
And HOW DO you get rid of that word verification annoyance?