A la Campagne

Hallelujah!  Mother Nature embraced us and gave us a beautiful day for the first day of our sale! On Thursday and Friday we had wind, rain, hail, and even slush! We just didn't quite know what the weather would be like for the sale.  

 Lots of good spirited people showed up and brought great energy to our garden, adding to the ambiance.  Although we were running around responding to questions and tending to our friends and customers and although we are exhausted, we are so happy and excited.  People came from all over, including other states.

Photograph by Trouvais

We were also very pleased to host two amazing members of the blogging community who came to photograph the event; Trish from Trouvais and Maria from Dreamy Whites.  Trish has been most generous and has introduced us to many of her followers through her blog site, and Maria is preparing to share her experience at our sale in a future posting.

Photograph by Trouvais

Photograph by Dreamy Whites

Photograph by Dreamy Whites

To those who made it today, THANK YOU!!  To those who haven't made it, we have one more day Sunday and still have lots of goodies.   You can also call us and make an appointment to come and shop at your leisure.
Johan, Trinidad and Martin


Home and Lifestyle said...

Wow...that's wonderful! I hope you also have a great day today!

Warm regards, Ingrid

desde my ventana said...

Enhorabuena!! Os he visto en dreamy Whites y en Trouvais y he leido vuetros comentarios. Me alegro muchísimo de vuestro éxito y solo siento no poder admirar esas bellezas en directo.
En Madrid tenemos una Feria de Antigüedades estos días y rápidamente he ido a disfrutar de todo lo que ofrece.

Os deseo mucho éxito también para el día de hoy

Un abrazo


It's me said...

I hope you have a great sunny day too....it is beautiful spring weather here in Holland !!....i am going out .....!! yeah !!...lovely day...love Ria,.....xxx...

Acquired Objects said...

So pleased for you to have had a nice day for your sale. Here's hoping the weather Gods stay with you today!

Beach House Living said...

I am glad to hear your day went well and the support of other bloggers is a lovely thing to have.

lvroftiques said...

I'm still dyin' here Trinidad! *winks* I hope the sun shone on y'all today! Couldn't you just hand me that first chandy right through the puter screen? Cuz I'm reaching hard for it my friend! *winks* Vanna

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi there- Just found your blog- I am a Northern California girl and I would LOVE to attend one of you sales sometime. Your pieces look absolutely amazing- what a dream to travel and bring pieces back as you do! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the bags I purchased-already made 2 pillows for my couch-can't wait to make the rest!!!!!

Jamie King

Barb@curlywillowdiy said...

Oh, I wish I lived close by! I love your stuff. I just found you through Dreamy Whites. Will check back often as I'm now following!

The Kramer Angle said...

What an awesome event! I just found your blog through Maria's and will definitely be back from time to time!

Tiffany said...

It was my first visit to the container sale and I loved it! I did a small write up for my blog. Thanks again!


Tiffany T.

Dasy allen said...

Muchas gracias Trinidad...me alegra que mi blog te recuerde cosas de la infancia...esas cosas que nunca se olvidan...
tienes un precioso blog deco, te voy adjuntar al mío de decoración, así no te olvido y voy echando un vistazo a tus preciosas cosas..
mis mejores saludos
Mayca Barcelona España

chateaudelille said...

Love everything you have! Gorgeous pics by both fellow bloggers. Wish we had markets like that here in Australia. Fiona