The Sign of the Times...

There is something about old signs and ads that add beauty to a room. 
Whether it is a road sign, an old blue and white
sign from a French street or even a foreign speed sign, they all conjure up images of traveling the many roads of the world: the many roads of life.

Enamel streets signs from various places in France

Icy roads starts here

Hand painted signs that once hung over a store or business show us the care that people put into adding a touch of beauty and pride to their establishments.  Even a hand painted sign on a wooden board advertising a building or a room for rent, as mundane as it may seem, elicits a pleasant and nostalgic feeling in our hearts.  

Furnished apartment for rent, on the French Riviera close to Cannes

Cafê sign painted on metal 1940's Lyon, France

Double sided Pharmacy sign, Lyon 1900's

One of my joys while I travel through Europe hunting for treasures, 
is admiring some of the old signs that hang over
florist shops, bakeries, butcher shops and many other establishments.  
For me, these signs are much more
beautiful than the modern neon and screen signs that we now see everywhere which seem rude and offensive to my eyes. 

Bakery in Boulonge sur Mer, North Frace

Pezenas, Village in South France, more here

Insurance company sign

Will you send us a photo of your favorite sign?  Whether you own it or have seen it on a street or on the page of a book or magazine, I'd love to do a follow up of this entry and include some of those photos. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Team Atelier


Renee Granier said...

I agree...the vintage signs add so much more than neon!
Renee and Angela


Vintage Maison said...

Oh! I was at Limoges antiques market last week - there was a guy with 5 or 6 named street signs. I had spent all my cash on books and linen and was so tired having been up since dawn and carrying all my heavy bags around, so I let them go...Oh well, he might be there next time...

Carol x

Little Leslie said...

Gorgeous. Can't wait to see them in person!

Antonia said...

Very very beautiful this old signs. I'm very happy with my own old French street sign: Rue Léon Bernus.


Kind regards,

It's me said...

Sign are great !!...love them......happy day....love Ria.....xxx

M-Anne said...

Quelles jolies photos, bravo!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

So pleased to have found your blog, I knew about the container sales but didn't know you had a blog too! Wish I had been in CA last week!
My French Country Home

Alyssa said...

It's too bad I live in the midwest and cannot attend your sales. This is my style.. I love everything you feature!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Thank you ladies and good morning! Renee: loved your entry on Mixing It Up.
Carol: you'd better go back and get those signs.
Lil Leslie: see you in the So. Cal.
Antonia: Thank you for sharing your street sign.
Ria: always nice to read your comments.
M.Anne: Bienvenue!
Sharon: Wish you had been here also. Have you read our entry on Ile de Re?

kathee said...

I just sold one of my favorite French signs...now after seeing this blog post...I totally regret it!! Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy!
I will see you this weekend...kathee chateau et jardin

Ido said...

Hello team atelier,
I saw some signs like those at an antique show here in Utah in February, too bad I forgot my camera. Pretty expensive but beautiful.
Have a wonderful day!

Beach House Living said...

Old signs are so fun. I think the pharmacie is my favorite.

Mayca Cri Cri..como la canción... said...

Hola soy Cri Cri..recuerdas...jjajja...que bonitas fotos, e interesantes
y que bien dedicarse a lo que te gusta...soy diseñadora de interiores y aquí en Barcelona el tema trabajo decoración está muy dificil, así que con toda mi pena me dedico a otras cosas...
Estais cerca de Ensenada en la baja California...es que tengo dos amigas allí motivos suficientes para ir a México...así si un día voy no me voy a perder de visitaros...

échale un vistazo a mi blog deco a ver si te gusta

flowers on my table said...

Wonderful old signs, so nostalgic, I love them, would love one for my kitchen.Love Linda x

irma said...

I love your café sign!