It's coming along... One more day for the event...

Phew!  Our container was delivered on time!  One of the nerve-wrecking things about planning for a container sale is that you never know exactly when it will arrive.  Once it's picked up and leaves the port, you get an estimated date of arrival, but there are other little surprises, like strikes at the dock, or it takes a while to clear customs, or the trucking company that brings it to your place doesn't have a driver on the day you want it. Aye, Aye, Aye!

Well, it worked out just fine this time and everything's coming along wonderfully.  Almost everything arrived safely and we were able to unload everything without anyone getting hurt.  Each time I open a new container it feels like Christmas! 

Here are a few pictures of the unloading and of some of the items as we set up.  We had very interesting weather: not the best to receive a container for an outdoor sale.  We started the day with rain, then it cleared up, then we had strong wind, then the rain started up again, and then we even had some hail!  Luckily it settled down finally, and it promises to be nice for the weekend.

Hope we will see you this weekend.  Looking forward to it!
Trinidad, Johan, and Martin
Container Sale
April 9, from 9am to 5pm
April 10, from 9am to 3pm


blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Trinidad, Johan, and Martin,
Wishing you a fabulous weekend of sales and wishing I could be one of your shoppers (maybe the next one)! Everything looks amazing!!

Acquired Objects said...

I'm so excited for your sale and I can't even be there for it. I wish the very best for your sale this weekend and great weather!

Beach House Living said...

Hello I found you via Remnants of the Past. Your things are lovely. Sadly I live in the East....

Curtains in My Tree said...

Sure wish I could be there that looks so lovely and just plain oh fabulous.
Hope good weather for ya

Janice in Missouri

French Countryside Farm said...


Even though I am unable to attend your sale since I live in Canada, I am still excited that I'll be able to view the video for this event. Last night, I invited my Mom over to my house so that we could watch your past videos. We kept moving the mouse so that we could get a second chance at viewing some of the items. The way in which you create enchanted rooms with your furniture and garden accessories is just breathtaking.

May I make a suggestion? For this upcoming video, could you please zoom into those items that have intricate carvings such as your mirrors, commodes and side tables? We couldn't get enough of it!

Thank-you for sharing your beautful antiques with us. I wish you the best this weekend.

Have an exciting day tomorrow,


P.S. Thank-you for taking photo's while you're driving throughout the French countryside. I appreciate it!

All Seasons said...

Nice to here about you. Déjà-vu is a wonderful shop. I was there with Xmas. Look at this link, I have put some photo's from it on my blog: http://pjallseasons.blogspot.com/2010/12/kijk-en-geniet.html


lvroftiques said...

You're killing me Trinidad! *winks* Seriously I bet it does feel like Christmas bringing out all those wonderful treasures from that truck! I wish I could've helped just to be abls to see all that fabulousness first *winks* Vanna

LaPouyette said...

Lovely images with all these charming objects and garden furniture from "Old Europe"!

Bonne chance for the sale!

Greetings from Périgord (Dordogne)
South-West of France - karin

P.S. Found your blog via Trouvais...
and like it very much.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi family of "Atelier De Campgne"
I so wish I were their! I am drooling over all the zinc, such beauty in its gavanized wear and tear, taking on a special beauty!

I am celebrating the event soulfully!!!


PS. Visit and enter my eco natural good & Pure GiveAawy would love to see you!

Anonymous said...

Had a blast today-love all my finds and can't wait to come again!!

Jamie King

Anonymous said...

Hi Trinidad, Johan & Martin, You gentlemen are a delight! We had so much fun today. Love our treasures and will be back for more. Thank you for making our day so much fun!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Thank you all for your comments and support. We will be having another one in the Fall, and you can always visit our web site to see what will be coming and may select ahead. We already have some pics of items in our warehouse in Europe.

Today was a great success. You can also make an appointment to come another time.

Bless you all!


Vintage Home said...

Oh Dear Canada is so far away!...Pity me!

Vintage Home said...

woops...such beautiful pictures and wonderful product...

The Kramer Angle said...

Oh my gosh! The galvanized baskets are wonderful! Do you have any left, and if so, do you ship to those of us unfortunately enough to live on the east coast on a day such a great sale is happening on the west coast?



{oc cottage} said...

Oh! How cool is that! A whole truck full of tesoros!!!

m ^..^

Catharina Maria said...

Oh , I love it all .
beautiful things that you have.
Love from the Netherlands ♥RINI♥

Nancy said...

Love those olive buckets. How much are they? Do you ship? Would love to have a few