Waterloo Flea Market & Visit to Brussels

Even though Johan warned us not to have expectations about the Waterloo flea market on Sunday, we were excited about a new adventure.  We got up around 3:15 a.m. and got on our way since it does take close to two hours to get there. Johan had not been there in a while and we took the wrong exit, but we managed to get there fine. 

Well, we did find a few things that we liked but it is not a flea market we would recommend. After the flea market, we went to Le Butte du Lion, which is the monument that was built to commemorate the historic Battle of Waterloo where Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated.  Bob and Martin were courageous enough to climb up the stairs, while Melissa, Johan and I watched them climbing while we sipped on a cup of coffee.  I had slept so little the night before that I took a little catnap in the cafe.


After that we made a short visit to Brussels.  We went to the Atomium, which like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, was built during a World Expo. It is quite the sight and we would have taken the trip upstairs but the lines to enter were huge so we decided to visit other sites. 

We went to the Royal Palace and the park that is in front of it and then walked down to the Grand Place, took some photos and had some lunch and beer. It was a short but enjoyable visit and we decided next time we would come for a full day and spend the night.

Enjoy the photos.


(Next posting: En Route to the South of France)



kathee said...

Hi Trinidad...Thanks for taking us all along on your travels. I love the pictures and hope that someday I will be able to visit these beautiful places! Can't wait to see what you bring home!
Be safe, take care and have fun! Say hello to Johan and Martin!!

Ido said...

What beautiful places you are visiting, do you even want to come back to California? I wouldn't, well may be. Can't wait for the pictures of the South of France.
Have a fantastic day you guys!

lvroftiques said...

What'd ya find Trinidad?? Enquiring minds...*winks* Don't you think the coffee is so much better in Belgium? Actually anywhere in Europe? I wish I could've kicked back with you and Melissa and watched all the others conquer those stairs! Lol! Vanna

flowers on my table said...

Great photos. Shame the fleamarket was disappointing. You are lucky you can cat-nap, I can't sleep if I am not in bed!Love Linda x