En Route

Along the way

Country sides, pictures villages, old facades and small businesses, I pass them all along the way to markets and antique fairs. I make a quick stop to eat something in a bistro or cafe or just a baguette with some local ham from the Charcuterie. 
In the summer time when Trinidad is here we can sit on a bench in the village park or on a blanket off the road. In the villages or towns i make a tour through the center to see if there are any antique or brocante shops, that one item brings home a story of France. In the future I will take my camera more often with me so I can share this beauty with you all. 

A few croissants and some pastries 
Bakery in Boulogne sur Mer, North France 

Narrow streets in Anduze, south France

Ice cream parlor in Uze, south France

Bistro cafe in Paris

Little antique shop in I'le de Rê

One of our favorite places, great salads 
and to die for crepes  in Pezenas, South France

No luck in that one, closed. 

Lovely village home in South France

No explanation needed
Just relaxing, before we hit the road again


The Tattered House said...

It looks beautiful trini. Thanks for sharing the photos of our dream vacation. Someday I will be there, too! xoxox, Sandy

blossoms vintage chic said...

These photos are so beautiful!! Wishing you both a bountiful trip...can't wait to see what you bring back for all of us to "swoon" over!! I hope to someday make this journey to France...in the meantime keep the photos comimg!!

lvroftiques said...

Thank you for sharing all the beauty with us. Happy trails! Vanna

Acquired Objects said...

I’m so jealous that you’re there and I’m home in snow, absolutely beautiful! Thanks for taking us along, safe journey.

Boho Farm and Home said...

I love the south of France...everything about it! What a great life. I am going to join you on your journey and follow you! Caroline

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello! Just had a reminder from Trish (Trouvais) that you are currently in Belgium. Reading your blog made me excited about my upcoming trip (short this time) but never the less you always inspire! best of luck with your final arrangements, I believe you will be travelling back to USA when we arrive in France. We will be in Belgium to pack up shared container after you have left. take care, Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

desde my ventana said...

Una preciosidad de fotos, Francia siempre es una fuente inagotable de inspiración,
Un abrazo muy fuerte,

K & Co. Antiques. said...

Thanks, actually I have found these pictures online on google.
I did not know you blog at all, so therefore I could not put a name on the pictures.
I am sorry if it s an issue for you.

Bjørn Stiler , K&Co. Denmark

Unknown said...

hermosas fotos!!! y debe haber tanto por ver todavia, te mando un beso, mely

desde my ventana said...

Thank you very very much,
Happy and inspired day,