snow in romantic Bruges

Medieval city Bruges (Brugge) Belgium covered under snow early December 2010
Photos by BCC Team

Meadow outside our warehouse

Snowman at our warehouse in Belgium

 On the way to an antique fair can bring nice sights, 
finding treasures under a layer of snow makes it a little harder.
Good I did not had buy anything from this dealer


creekside rummager said...

Gorgeous photos. Wishing you Happy Holidays too. Lani

kathee said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures! See you soon! I just became your second follower..and I'm adding you to my side bar of favorite blogs at chateauetjardin.blogspot.com

Have a wonderful Christmas
warm regards,

Christina @ greige and My Sparrow said...

I am so glad to see you here! I love your things and miss seeing you in Long Beach.. I think I may have to do a post about how great you guys are...


Roberta said...

So beautiful! I've just become a follower. So wish I could visit you in CA!

DLRhein said...

Bruge in the snow must have been a sight! Only been there during the summer and what great, unique pieces you can find. Looks like quite the trip! Love your friend's Christmas designs as well. Lovely!

flowers on my table said...

Beautiful photos. I love Bruges. My husband, daughter and I visited Bruges a few weeks after you took these pics. I would dearly love to go again, thanks for reminding me what a special place it is! Love Linda x.